Anderson, G 17??-18?? USA ?, ? - ?, ?
organist, 1818 probably in Philadelphia, only known for his arrangement of the composition 'Battle of Waterloo' by C. Ogilvy of Tannadice Scotland who published all his music with Penson, Robertson & Co. in Edinburgh, a publication of the original 'Battle of Waterloo' for voice, chorus and piano by C. Ogilvy cannot be found but the arrangement by G. Anderson for piano solo had numerous publications in the USA from 1818 until far into the 20th century

Title Parts

[] Battle of Waterloo. Great descriptive piece for the piano
dedication : composed and dedicated to the Duke of Wellington by C. Ogilvy of Tannadice, author of the Funeral pile &c.
arranged for the piano forte by Mr. G. Anderson, organist
dedicatee : Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington (Ireland, Dublin 1769-1852 England, Walmer), field marshal in the Battle of Waterloo, Belgium 1815
pub G. Willig, Philadelphia 1818
just published and for sale at W. Dubois piano forte and music store, New York 24dec1818
[] 1 - Advance to the battle
[] 2 - The battle
[] 3 - The English horse guards advancing to attack the French curassiers
[] 4 - The Prussians advancing
[] 5 - Heavy cannonade
[] 6 - The French in full retreat
[] 7 - Bugle horn
[] 8 - The rejoicings
[] 9 - Lamentation for the slain
[] 10 - Chorus
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