Anderson, George Frederick 2.dec.1793-14.dec.1876 England, London - London Marylebone
violinist, pianist, 12.jan.1793 baptized at St Martin-in-the-Fields London Westminster, 3.apr.1815 became member of the Royal Society of Musicians London, conductor of the Royal Private Band, honorary treasurer of the Philharmonic Society and Royal Society of Musicians, 29.apr.1822 in London his wife performed at the Philharmonic Society concert as the first lady pianist ever, as violinist he belonged to Theatre Royal Drury Lane, as violinist/pianist he performed at the King's, Ancient and other Concerts, he belonged to and 1849-1876 was honorary treasurer of Theatre Royal Brighton, 1855 in Norwich he published 'Statement of Mr. G. F. Anderson in reply to calumnious charges against him as Director of Her Majesty's Private Band', at time of death residing with wife and 4 servants (lady's maid, cook, housemaid, footman) at 34 Nottingham Place ; son of William and Ann Anderson ; July 1820 at St James Westminster he married the pianist and teacher of Queen Victoria and other members of the royal family Lucy Philpot (Bath dec.1790-24.dec.1878 Marylebone)

Title Parts

[] Hensington. Polka. Piano
? subject : Hensington near Woodstock Oxfordshire
music G. F. Anderson - ? George Frederick Anderson (1793-1876)
pub Charles Sheard & Co., London

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