Anderson, Greenberry 'Green' Hamilton 1846-1896 USA Kentucky, Louisville - Tennessee, Nashville
violinist, doctor of medicine degree from the University of Louisville, after his mother died he was adopted by the physician Dr. James Boicourt, 1870 as musician and teacher of music residing with wife and 1 child at 101 2nd Street in Louisville, 1871 as professor of music residing at 455 Walnut Street in Louisville, 1872 as professor of music residing at 189 13th Street in Louisville, 1873 as professor of music residing at 624 Walnut Street in Louisville, 1877 as teacher of music residing at 126 20th Street, 1878-1879 as professor of violin at Louisville Conservatory of Music residing at 563 Walnut Street, 1880-1881 as conductor of the orchestra Macauley' Theatre and professor of violin at Holyoke Academy residing with wife and 5 children at 695 Bank Street in Louisville, 1883 he had left Louisville, 1887 conductor of the orchestra of the Masonic Theatre in Nashville, 1889 musician at Theater Vendome in Nashville boarding at 315 North Summer Street, 1890 as music teacher residing at 529 Church Street in Nashville, 1891-1892 music teacher at 230 North Cherry Street in Nashville, 1894 he was admitted to the County Asylum where he died early 1896 ; son of tinner John Anderson (Missouri 1820-) ; 28.sep.1868 in Louisville he married Fannie M Robertson (Kentucky 1846-) ; son Vincent (Louisville1869-)

Title Parts

[] How fondly I am thinking of thee. Song and chorus and piano
words and music Green Anderson
pub Louis Tripp, Louisville 1867
pub John F. Ellis, Washington DC

[] Mass in F. Mixed chorus with organ or piano. op12
dedication : To the Rt. Rev. W. McClosky
music Green H. Anderson
pub John Church & Co., Cincinnati 1870

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