Anderson, Homer Allen 21.aug.1909-6.aug.1988 USA Oklahoma, Perkins - Texas, San Angelo
bandmaster, BS and MS educator band, orchestra and music for 43 years, bandmaster in public schools for 40 years, band and orchestra conductor in San Angelo Texas, 1974 residing in San Angelo ; son of Ethan Allen Anderson (Wayne Ohio 24.jun.1862-17.mar.1918 Perkins) and Amanda Emiline Payne (21.jul.1871-24.jul.1944 Perkins) ; 22.aug.1931 in Stillwater Oklahoma he married Annette Tellasteam Bishop (Creek Oklahoma 30.jan.1912-27.feb.2008 San Angelo)

Title Parts

[] Sportsmen. March. Band
pub Belwin Inc., 1951

[] Major-domo. Overture. Band
pub Bourne, New York 1953

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