Anderson, James Smith 30.jun.1853-17.jan.1945 Scotland Fife, Crail - Edinburgh
organist, studied with George Clement Martin in London, 1881 organist of St Andrew's Parish Church in Edinburgh

Title Parts

[] Nocturne in A flat. Piano
pub E. Ashdown, London 1884

[] Gavotte in G for the pianoforte
pub E. Ashdown, London 1884

[] A stiff heart to a stey Brae. Song
words by D. Grant
pub Paterson & Sons, Edinburgh, etc 1887

[] Love's interpretation. Song
words by A. Innes
pub Ransford & Son, London 1892

[] The Harvest Bells. Trio for ladies' voices with piano accompaniment
words by J. L. Robertson
pub Bayley & Ferguson, London 1916

[] A Ballant o' the Binn. Song
words by A. Wishart
pub Bayley & Ferguson, London, Glasgow 1925

[] Bourree, for the pianoforte
pub London Music Pub. and General Agency Co. Ltd., London

[] Hearts and homes. Opera
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