Anderson, Peter Carl 8.aug.1874-23.may.1940 Scotland, Broxburn - England, London Balham
trumpeter, cornetist, posthornist, bandmaster, shortly before his birth his parents had moved from 62 High Street in Dalkeith to Broxburn close to Edinburgh, he was born at 5 Patersons Court in Broxburn, he gave his birth as Edinburgh county but his birth is also given as Edinburgh probably because his birth was registered there, 1881 residing with his parents and 6 siblings at 3 Greenside Row in Edinburgh St Andrew, he seems to have served in the Second Boer War 11.oct.1899-31.may.1902 in South Africa, 1904-1907 bandmaster of His Majesty's King's Colonials Band in London performing at Buckingham Palace, 1910 bandmaster of the King Edward's Horse Band in London, 1910-1911 residing at 28 Star Street in London Paddington, 1911-1912 as bandmaster of the West Kilburn Band residing at 28 Honiton Road in London Willesden, 1915 as musician residing at 171 Boundaries Road, 1920-1933 bandmaster of the London Fire Brigade Band, 1935 bandmaster of the London Military Band, 1939-1940 retired from musical life as office attendant residing at 110 Drakefield Road in London Balham, he died at St James Hospital Balham ; son of shoemaker/musician Matthew Anderson (Dalkeith 1836-) and Sarah (Berwickshire, Earlston 1841-) ; 3.oct.1910 at St Michael All Angels in London Paddington he married Rosina Charlotte Wilson (Marylebone 19.aug.1882-1964 London Hendon) ; son Dudley Frederick (London Willesden 26.jul.1911-) ; daughter Vera Rosemary Anderson (London Balham 24.apr.1914-)

Title Parts

[] Wiesbaden. March. Reed and brass band
pub Hawkes & Son, London 1apr1930

[] Step lightly. March and two-step. Light orchestra
arr. Aubrey Winter
pub Hawkes & Son, London 16may1933
performed by the London Fire Brigade Band conducted by Peter Anderson, also recorded on His Masters Voice

[] Step lightly. March. Piano
pub Hawkes & Son, London 19dec1933

[] Bells o' London town. Bell intermezzo
arr. for brass band Leonard Davies
pub Hawkes & Son, London 13dec1938

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