Anderson, Robert 6.may.1835-22.nov.1882 Scotland Aberdeenshire, Fraserburgh - Fraserburgh
tenor singer, amateur musician, solicitor in Fraserburgh, 26.may.1835 baptized in Fraserburgh, 1850-1860 residing at 70 Fish Cross Street, 1870 as duly certificated writer with family, servant and nurse residing at 22 Saltoun Place ; son of joiner John Anderson (1791-) and Jean (1801-) ; 5.jun.1861 in Fraserburgh he married Isabella Margaret Christie (Aberdeenshire, Peterhead c1837-24.feb.1908 Fraserburgh) ; children Murdoch Christie (Fraserburgh 8.dec.1863-), Alice Roberta (Fraserburgh 15.apr.1865-7.jul.1953 Aberdeen), Emily Adeline (Fraserburgh 2.jun.1866-), Edith Isabella (Fraserburgh 22.nov.1868-), Herbert James (Fraserburgh 27.jun.1871-)

Title Parts

[] 12 Songs of Zion. Vol. I & II
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1870-1779

[] Herring song "The merchant buys". Part song
words J. R.
pub London 1877

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