Anderson, Shirley Patricia (fem) 10.oct.1933- USA Washington, Aberdeen
percussionist, 12.jun.1952 when leaving for Japan residing at 2437 T Street in Eureka California, 27.aug.1952 on return from Japan residing at 1800 Pontiac Street in Denver Colorado, 1954 AA in art from Colorado Women's College in Denver, 1959 BM in percussion with Fred Hinger and Charles Owen from Philadelphia Musical Academy, 1960 MM and 1963 DM with Michael Bookspan from Combs College of Music in Philadelphia, 1960-1963 teacher percussion at Combs College, 1966-1968 percussionist with the Guam Symphony, 1968 freelance musician in Philadelphia, 1982 teacher at Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts ; daughter of lumber sales manager Donald Chester Anderson (Michigan, Greenville 14.may.1903-25.aug.1985 California, Santa Clara)

Title Parts

[] Flight pattern for three. Fugue for percussion. 1968
Percussion Group, Guam Symphony

[] Peace for percussion
[] Three fugues for organ
[] The three little pigs. Narrator, percussion and chorus. 1982
two-dimensional art work, diagram for placement of percussion instruments Shirley P. Anderson
copyright Shirley P. Anderson 3jun1982

writing: A standard system of symbols, notation and nomenclature for percussion instruments
thesis DMA, Combs College of Music, Philadelphia 1963
pub Curtis Publishing Co., Philadelphia 1963

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