Anderson, William 6.jan.1799-15.sep.1872 Scotland Stirlingshire, Kilsyth - Uddington near Glasgow
hymn writer, minister of the United Presbyterian Church in Glasgow, as an advocate for the use of organs in churches he wrote 'Apology for the organ as an assistance of congregational psalmody' Glasgow 1829, for many years he was pastor of John Street United Presbyterian Church in Glasgow

Title Parts

[] The Sacred Choir, a collection of music adapted to the psalms, paraphrases and hymns in general use in Scotland, and specially to the collection of hymns sanctioned by the Synod of Relief. Glasgow 1841
edited and published anonymously by William Anderson
the harmonies were revised by Samuel Barr
containing the tunes composed by himself:
[] - Thanksgiving
[] - Trinity
[] - Sacred Choir
[] A selection of psalm and hymn tunes, adapted to various measures. Glasgow 1844
compiled by William Anderson

[] The Choir, a collection of psalm and hymn tunes... selected and composed by Alexander Duncan. Glasgow 1828
with a preface written by William Anderson

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