Anderson, William Henry 21.apr.1882-12.apr.1955 England, London - Canada, Winnipeg
tenor singer, choirmaster, 14.may.1882 baptized at St Anne Limehouse, studied voice privately with Manuel Garcia and Mattia Battistini in London, studied music at the Guildhall School of Music London, lay tenor at the churches St Stephen's Walbrook and St Paul's Knightsbridge in London, 1910 emigrated to Canada Winnipeg where he was active as singer, singing teacher and choral conductor, he founded several choirs, 1936 the Oriana Singers, 1942 The Choristers which he conductud on the CBC radio programs 'The Choristers' and 'Sunday Chorale', he used the pseudonym Hugh Garland for ballads and Michael Bilenko for arrangements of European folksongs

Title Parts

[] R--H--S : Right, Honour, Sincerity. School song of the Robert H. Smith School. Winnipeg 1933
[] At the manger. Christmas carol. Six-part chorus of mixed voices with organ accompaniment
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1935

[] O for a closer walk with God. Hymn-anthem. Four-part chorus of mixed voices with incidental solo for alto or baritone and organ accompaniment
dedicated to Herbert J. Sadler, Esq., and the Choir of Westminster United Church, Winnipeg
words William Cowper
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1936

[] Whence, O shepherd maiden? (D'ou viens-tu, bergere?). Chorus of women's voices
pub Galaxy Music Corp., New York 1937

[] Come, I pray thee. Motet. Choir. 1938
[] The old shepherd's prayer. Song. 1938
words Helen Shackleton

[] Sweet Afton. Unison or two-part song. 1938
words Robert Burns

[] Sleep little Jesus. Cradle carol for unison voices. 1938
words Noreen Moore

[] A memory. Song. 1941
words Arthur L. Salmon

[] The piper wind. Three part song. SSA Choir. 1941
[] Ane song for the birth of Christ. Christmas anthem. Soprano and mixed choir. 1944
[] Give ear to my words, O Lord. Motet for mixed voices. 1944
words Anne Tripp

[] Christmas gifts. SSA Choir. 1945
words Catherine C. Coblentz

[] To immortality. Three-part song for female voices. 1947
words Constance Barbour

[] Bread of the world. Communion motet. Mixed choir. 1947
words Reginald Heber

[] As Mary sings. Christmas song. SSA Choir. 1947
[] The little Jesus came to town. Christmas folk song. 1950
words Lizette Woodworth Reese

[] Margery maketh the tea. A Canadian folk-song. 1951
[] Behold the beauty of the Lord. Hymn-anthem. Mixed choir
words Gertrude Enid Ostby
pub C. C. Birchard, Boston, Massachusetts 1952

[] The sleep of the holy child. Christmas anthem for soprano solo (or junior choir) and quartet or mixed chorus
words Lenore Brock Booth
pub C. C. Birchard, Boston, Massachusetts 1952

[] If thou but suffer God to guide thee. Chorus of mixed voices with piano or organ
words Georg Neumark
pub C. Fischer, New York 1953

[] Prayer for our home. Quartet or chorus SATB
words Nancy Byrd Turner
pub C. C. Birchard, Boston, Massachusetts 1955

[] Sea blue gardens. 3 Female voices
words Rose Cooper

[] Hospitality. Sacred song. Voice and piano
arr of an old Scottish rune

[] The lullaby of the little angels. Christmas carol. SSA Choir
[] The world's desire
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