Andersson, Karl Erik Arnold 'Eric' 7.aug.1908-23.mar.1969 Sweden, Saby near Tranas - Uddevalla
military band musician, tuba, baryton, bass tuba, bassoon, piano, 1927 enlisted as musician volunteer in the 17th Bohuslan's Regiment, his main instrument was initially baryton but later he switched to bass tuba, 1939 promoted to sergeant musician and 1944 to sergeant major musician, 1958 he was dismissed with a pension, he worked with the Uddevalla Concert Association since its inception, bassoonist in the Uddevalla Orchestra Association, music teacher in the municipal music school in Uddevalla, he won second prize in the second highest class with the works Stro lite rosor and the waltz Silvousplait at the band competition in Kerkrade Netherlands, 1962 an orchestral arrangement that he composed was broadcasted on Dutch radio

Title Parts

[] Overste Oberg. March. Military band
dedication : Overste (Colonel) Sven Oberg, commander of the 17th Bohuslan Regiment 1842-29may1948

[] Overste Sellin. March. Military band
dedication : Overste (Colonel) Erik Sellin, commander of the 17th Bohuslan Regiment 29may1948-1957

[] Overste Smedmark. March. Military band
dedication : Overste (Colonel) Gunnar Smedmark, commander of the 17th Bohuslan Regiment 1957-1963

[] Major T. Lindgren. March. Military band
dedication : Tore Lindgren, major of the 6th Regiment, later 12th Regiment

[] Folke Bernadotte. March. Military band
dedication : Count Folke Bernadotte af Wisborg

[] Thorden-marsch. Military band
music with Marc Delaberg, music director of the 17th Bohuslan Regiment 1942-1957
words E. Sahlgren
dedication : to Uddevalla shipyard's founder, the shipowner Gustaf Thorden

[] Stro lite rosor. Military band
[] Silvousplait. Waltz. Military band
[] Ungdomsmarsch. Military band
[] Flygarmarsch. Military band
[] Flygvardinnan. March. Military band
[] Militarmarsch. Military band
[] Please. March. Military band
[] Signalmarsch. Military band
[] Surprise. March. Military band
[] Till kasern. March. Military band
[] To day. March. Military band
[] OK. Potpurri. Military band
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