Andersson, Gert Ove 30.apr.1930- Sweden, Malmo
accordionist, pianist, 1938-1947 studied piano at Malmo Conservatory, 1947 obtained a master degree in accordion, 1947-1950 studied harmony, counterpoint and composition with John Fernstrom and Lars Erik Larsson at Stockholm Conservatory, 1947-1953 studied piano with Herman D Koppel, 1950 pianist in folk and light music groups, 1955-1961 conductor at Malmo City Theatre, 1956 orchestral conductor in Malmo, 1962-1971 conductor at Oscars Theatre in Stockholm, 1971 teacher and 1974 rector at Statens Musikdramatiska Skola in Stockholm, 2019 at the age of 90 still living in Stockholm

Title Parts

[] Sonata. Piano
performed by Andersson at his debut as concert pianist in Malmo 1947

[] Konflikter. Orchestra
Malmo Symphony Orchestra. LP Philips 6563003 released 1975

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