Andinger, Viktor 22.jan.1900-1945 Austria, Grunbach am Schneeberg - Russia, prisoners camp
violist, 1922 studied music with Roderich von Mojsisovics and Alfons Handl at Graz Conservatory, 1922-1936 violist in the Graz Opera Orchestra, member of the Artur Michl Quartet, 1930 residing at Morellenfeld-gasse 8 in Graz, 1940-1943 as solo violist (probably still in the Graz Opera Orchestra) residing at Siemensgasse 4, he died as prisoner of war of the russians (hundreds of thousands of Austrians fought as German soldiers, by the end of the war 250000 Austrians had been killed or were missing in action, an even greater number were held as prisoners of war in camps in the Soviet Union)

Title Parts

[] String sextet. op18
performed in a Streichsextettabend by members of the Steirische Tonkunstlerbund. Graz 2oct1931

[] Romantische symphonie fur grosses orchester
[] (details unknown). Songs, string quartets, organ works
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