Andlauer, Edouard Ignace (Eduard Ignaz) 14.dec.1830-12.nov.1909 France Alsace, Andlau - Haguenau
received his first lessons in organ from Joseph Wackenthaler and in piano from Conrad Berg in Alsace, 1847 he entered Brussels Conservatory where he studied with Jaak Nikolaas Lemmens, Francois Joseph Fetis and Charles de Beriot, after obtaining premier prix in harmony and in organ he had to end his study, 1848-1908 organist of Saint-Georges in Haguenau, 1857-1861 conductor of chorale Sainte-Cecile, 1870 he installed/inaugurated the Merklin organ in Obernai ; brother of Auguste

Title Parts

[] Marie! Polka composee pour le piano
pub Imp. de V. Edler, Haguenau 1853

[] La Pensee. Polka mazurka. Piano
pub A. & L. Grus & Cie., Paris 1856

[] Erhebt in vollen choren in B. Maria himmelfahrt. SATB Choir. 1866
ms Caecilia (Strassbourg), Dusseldorf, Germany

[] Grande fantaisie sur un cantique a Notre Dame de Marienthal (Haguenau). Organ. 1878
this cantique is also set for organ by Auguste Andlauer
Pierre Pfister. Arion 8069

[] Erhebt in vollen choren in C. SATB Choir. 1887
ms Caecilia (Strassbourg), Dusseldorf, Germany

[] Ave maris stella. SATB Choir. 1889
ms Caecilia (Strassbourg), Dusseldorf, Germany

[] Pie Jesu Domine in e. Female choir and organ. 1889
ms Caecilia (Strassbourg), Dusseldorf, Germany

[] Fillette. Petite valse. Piano
pub P. Dupont, Paris 1898
pub Societe Nouvelle, Paris

[] Fantaisie sur Erhebt in vollen choren. Organ
pub Schott & Co., London/Paris and Musica Sacra, Milan

[] 3 Versets. Organ
[] Impromptu. Piano
pub A. Lebeau, Paris

[] Sevilla. Waltz. Piano
pub F. A. Mills, New York USA

[] My yellow pansy. Piano
pub Price & Reynolds Music Publishers, London England

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