Andrada, Doroteo Antonio 6.feb.1893-27.feb.1964 Argentina, Rosario - Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
pianist, professor of music, 5.mar.1893 baptized in Rosario, for the greater part of his life active in Montevideo Uruguay which is why he is usually called uruguayan, 1951 he temporarily emigrated from Montevideo Uruguay to Rio de Janeiro Brazil, 1963 he temporarily emigrated from Montevideo to Rio de Janeiro Brazil, possibly because of failing health or because he had been widowed settling there with his married daughter ; son of Domingo Andrada and Dolores Coll ; he married Elvira di Lollo ; daughter Emma Conception Andrada de Carracelas (Argentina, Rosario 16.jan.1914-) 1953 temporarily emigrated from Montevideo to Rio de Janeiro

Title Parts

[] Atilio Pelossi. Tango
dedication : to the hero Atillio Pelossi who died aged 25 while trying to save a young girl trapped in a fire at Teatro Victoria in Montevideo Uruguay 11jun1925
recorded by Orquesta Típica de Caro. Victor BA-651 (1sep1925)

[] Luchita. Tango
words J. Humberto Zirollo
pub Oscar S. Cerfoglio, Cordon Montevideo, Uruguay 1927
recorded by Orquesta Típica J. Guido. Victor BAVE-1495 (1927)

[] Estigarribia. Marcha militar. Piano. 1939
dedication : Al heroe presidente Estigarribia (General Jose Felix Estigarribia, hero of the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay 1932-1935, who died 7sep1940 in a plane crash)
comment by the composer : La primera parte de esta marcha, esta hecha con frases de los Himnos Uruguayo y Paraguayo
pub Ediciones musicales Julio Korn, Buenos Aires Argentina 1939

[] Figurita. Figurita de Merfil y porcelava. Tango. pub1946
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