Andre (Andra), Christian Karl 20.mar.1763-19.jul.1831 Germany, Hildburghausen - Stuttgart
teacher, writer, 1777-1779 studied music with Markus Christfried Grosse and Johann Heinrich Rolle at the Klosterbergeschule in Magdeburg, 1780 entered the University of Jena to study law, secretary to prince Friedrich von Waldeck in Arolsen, 1785 appointed councillor of education in Schnepfenthal near Gotha, 1788 together with Salzmann he established an education center for young ladies in Schnepfenthal, 1790 he separated from his partner and brought his school to Gotha and 1794 to Eisenach, in this situation he wrote his many books on education and music, 1798-1822 director of ecclesiastical institutions in Brunn, 1823-1831 hofrat (councillor) in Stuttgart

Title Parts

[] Die musterung der stande. Spiel fur jung und alt mit musik, gesang und tanz
von C. C. Andre, vorsteher einer weiblichen erziehungsfamilie zu Gotha
pub Justus Perthes, Gotha 1792
in Calvary Katalog

writing: pamphlet entitled Schreiben an einen freund uber das musikalische drama Thirza und ihre Sohne von L. C. Andre. Wittekindt, Eisenach 1783
writing: Promenades useful for everyday of the year, for parents. Brunswick 1790-1797
in one of the four editions of this book the author discussed the art of playing piano with such clarity and precision, we can say that there is no book in which the principles of this art are better exposed [Fetis]
in one edition is a somewhat empty eulogy on Rolla [Forkel]

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