Andre, Franz 10.jun.1893-20.jan.1975 Belgium, Brussel Forest - Brussel Woluwe Saint Lambert
violinist, conductor, studied violin with Cesar Thomson at Brussel Conservatory, conducting with Felix Weingartner at the Hochschule in Berlin, 1913 teacher violin and 1920-1944 teacher conducting at Brussel Conservatory, 1920 violinist of the Belgian Radio Orchestra, 1935-1958 founder/conductor of the Belgian Radio Symphony Orchestra, 1958 conductor of the orchestra of the Reine Elisabeth Concours, 1962 residing at 36 rue Vergote in Brussel

Title Parts

[] Improvisation. Clarinet and piano
pub Editions Musicales Brogneaux, Brussel 1954

[] Julius Caesar. Incidental music
[] Musique pour La Taix. Incidental music
[] Musique pour Aerysto Phaue. Incidental music
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