Andres Blasco, Maria Teresa 13.sep.1910-29.jun.1992 Spain, Valencia - Valencia
pianist, 1930 completed her musical study piano with Antonio Fornet Assens, harmony with Pedro Sosa and music history with Eduardo Lopez Chavarri, she took private piano lessons with Ramon Ribes at Conservatorio de Valencia, asthma forced her to rest for two years with her parents in Benimarfull and prevented her from developing a career as pianist, teacher piano at Conservatorio de Valencia ; 1945 she married Ernesto Hurtado who wrote four books on the history of Benimarfull

Title Parts

[] Andaluza de mis suenos. Banda
[] Balones. Pasodoble. Banda
[] Benimarfull. Pasodoble. Banda
[] Costa Blanca. Banda
[] El delirio che. Banda
[] Mocita cascabelera. Voice and piano
[] Gozos al Santo Cristo del Consuelo. Choir
[] Plegaria a la Mare de Deu. Choir
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