Andrew, Paul (pseudonym) 11.sep.1895-?? England, London - ?, ?
pianist, conductor, composer of film music and light musical comedy, studied music privately, he played before the King and the Prince of Wales, 1924-1929 he ran a music publishing Lareine & Co. in London, 1934-1936 as composer, author and arranger member of the Performing Right Society, 1934 residing at 11 Newman Street in London, 1939 as composer and music publisher residing at Coach & Horses on Dock Lane in Melton Deben Suffolk ; he married Violet (9.jun.1895-)

Title Parts

[] Tampering with the keys. Piano
pub Lareine & Co., London 1924

[] My Coquette. Novelty dance. Piano
pub Lareine & Co., London 1928

[] By your right. March. Piano
orchestrated for small orchestra by Jacques Greebe
pub Lareine & Co., London 1928

[] Wild flowers, for pianoforte
pub Lareine & Co., London 1928

[] The dolls house. 1930
[] The winding road. Song
words David Arale
pub British & Dominions Music Co., London 1934

[] You whispered a word. pub1935
[] Toy town admiral. pub1938
[] Overture to Spring. b1935
[] The musical box. Characteristic novelty. b1935
[] Rusticana. b1935
[] Call of the empire. b1935
[] Three Irish cameos. b1935
[] Capriccio in A minor. b1935
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