Andrew, Thomas Hawkes 10.jan.1859-29.may.1947 England Devon, Exeter - Exeter
amateur musician, architect by profession, 1871 as eldest child residing with his parents, 4 sisters, 2 brothers and 2 servants at Bartholomew Street in Exeter, 1891 as land agent and auctioneer living with his uncle land agent and auctioneer Thomas Hawkes in St Decumans Somerset, 1898-1914 as architect and surveyor residing with wife, daughter, son and 3 servants (cook, parlormaid, housemaid) at Northwood in Minehead Somerset, 1919 residing at Barnburgh on Pennsylvania Park in Exeter, 1939-1947 as architect residing with cook/housekeeper at 27 East Southernhay in Exeter ; son of county court registrar/high bailiff Thomas Andrew (Cornwall, Redruth 1832-14.sep.1902 Exeter) and Sophia Hawkes (Somerset, St Decumans 14.oct.1828-10.sep.1911 Exeter) ; 25.apr.1895 at the Wesleyan Church in Manchester he married Elizabeth Clapham (Manchester 13.may.1857-14.sep.1934 Exeter)

Title Parts

[] Grand we beseech Thee. Anthem. Mixed choir
pub Novello & Co., London

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