Andrews, Addison Fletcher 2.apr.1857-27.oct.1924 USA Vermont, Cavendish - NY, New York Manhattan
violinist, tenor, critic, 1860-1924 residing in New York City, 1878 MA from Dartmouth College in Hanover New Hampshire where he was member of the Glee Club, studied violin with Gasper Godone and voice with Josef Tamaro in New York, 1880 graduated from Columbia Law School in New York City, at first critic/journalist for the New York Tribune (1880-1881), Commercial Advertiser (1884), Evening Telegram (1884-1885), Graphic (1885-1886), American Musician (1887-1891) and the Musical Courier (1892-1894), for one year assistant director of Carnegie Hall and Symphony Orchestra, 1892 opened a church choir agency, he founded the Manuscript Society of New York, for 25 years tenor in church choirs and 15 years of the Schumann Male Quartette, also public humorist and reader for 25 years, 1914-1918 office at 30 West 32nd Street and home The Belnord, summer home Williamstown Massachusetts ; son of lawyer Rufus Freeman Andrews (Ohio 27.may.1825-27.apr.1893 New York) and musician Mary Cornelia Fletcher (Cavendish 4.apr.1828-1889 New York) ; 23.may.1883 in New York he married Ella Reed (NY 1857-)

Title Parts

[] Euphemistic waltz. Piano
pub Addison F. Andrews, New York 1877

[] Men of Dartmouth. 1878
words Richard Hovey
pub New York 1898
prize winner of the best setting of Hovey's prize poem

[] Lord's prayer. Mixed quartet
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1894

[] Why art thou cast down. Soprano, tenor, bass and mixed quartet
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1894

[] Fear not, little flock. Anthem for mixed voices
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1894

[] Behold, there came wise men. Christmas anthem. Male quartet and SATB choir
words P. Cary
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1897

[] Oh for a day of spring in E/E flat. High voice or medium voice and piano
words Wilfred S. Blunt
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1898

[] Surrender. Song
words A. L. Salmon
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1898

[] Dartmouth songs, a new collection of college songs. 16 Songs for male voices and piano
pub Edwin Osgood Grover & Graham, Hanover New Hampshire 1898

[] To the fringed gentian. Song. Mixed voices
words W. C. Bryant
pub Marcus Witmark & Sons, New York 1913

[] Seek ye the Lord. Anthem. Mixed voices
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1918

[] My Creed. Song
words H. A.Walter and A. F. Andrews
pub Theodore Presser Co. 1919

[] Only a 'ittle dirly dirl. Song
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Persian wise men in E flat/C. Christmas song
words L. Mead
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Sleeping and waking. Song
words and music Addison F. Andrews
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Behold, I create new heavens. Tenor, quartet and choir
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] A bouquet. Song. TTBB Choir
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] The hand and the bird. TTBB Choir
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Jolly four. Hum. Male quartet
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] My lady
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Not lost but gone before. Male quartet
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Song of a heart
words F.L. Stanton
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Song to the lute
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Three shadows
words D. G. Rossetti
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

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