Andrews, Burnett Brown jr. 8.jul.1903-7.aug.1997 USA NY, Syracuse DeWitt - New Jersey, Morristown
concert organist, organist, choirmaster, grew up in Weedsport near Syracuse, 1924 BM from Syracuse University, in New York City he studied organ with Lynnwood Farnam (1925-1929, David McWilliams (1930-1932) and Ernest Mitchell (1932-1934), piano with Rosina Lhevinne (1925-1926) and Franklin Cannon (1939-1946), music theory with Clement R Gale (1929-1932), 1927-1930 organist/choirmaster of St George's church in Maplewood New Jersey, 1930-1950 of St Peter's church in Morristown, 1930 teacher organ and piano at his private studio in Morristown, 1950 home and studio at 14 Perry Street, 24.may.1949 he gave an organ recital at the convention of the American Guild of Organists in New York ; son of poultry farmer Burnett Brown Andrews sr. (NY, Cuyler 1.dec.1863-1953 Syracuse) and Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Francis (NY, Otsego 11.jul.1866-1938 Syracuse) ; 9.oct.1943 he married pianist Sarah Elizabeth Kynor (NJ, Orange 16.apr.1914-1.aug.1984 Morristown)

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