Andrews, Eben Andrew 1.feb.1840-5.jul.1901 USA Massachusetts, Ipswich - Missouri, St Louis
musician, lawyer by profession, graduated at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, 20.sep.1861 in Detroit Michigan enlisted as corporal in the civil war, 29.mar.1862 promoted to captain of heavy artillery, 19.may.1864 he was wounded 8 times at Spotsylvania Court House Virginia and was mustered out at Detroit, 1865 as lawyer residing in Ipswich, 1870 as musician residing with his wife in Campbell Missouri, 1880 as lawyer residing with his wife, 2 daughters and a cook at 1814 2nd Carondelet Avenue in St Louis, 1892 residing in Independence Missouri, 1900 as lawyer residing with wife and 2 daughters at 5675 in St Louis Missouri ; son of farmer Randall M Andrews (Massachusetts, Essex 1.nov.1807-20.aug.1889 Ipswich) and Miriam Burnham (Massachusetts, Essex 1807-22.dec.1885 Massachusetts, Salem) ; jan.1870 he married Mary Eliza Graves (Missouri, Springfield 21.jan.1852-14.jan.1924 St Louis) ; daughter Adeline (St Louis 7.nov.1871- (1893 married, 1899 widowed)) ; daughter Julia (St Louis jan.1874-16.jun.1908 St Louis (tuberculosis))

Title Parts

[] Ruth and Boaz. Sacred cantata. op1
with full directions for its performance
for french horn, clarinet, violins, cello, piano, soli, and chorus of mixed voices, instruments other than piano needed only for introduction
copyright Eben A. Andrews 17nov1882
copyright renewal Eben A. Andrews, Boston Massachusetts 14sep1910 (!)
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1910
[] 1 - Stay, O daughters. Choir
[] 2 - Turn, turn again, O daughter. Tenor, bass solo and choir
[] 3 - Boaz's barley field. Soprano, tenor, Dt and M V choir
[] 4 - Praise the God of harvest. Reapers chorus
[] 5 - Come here at meal time. Choir
[] 6 - Merry are the harvest days. Alto, tenor, Dt and tenor, bass solos and quartet
[] 7 - Let me find favor. Soprano, bass solos and choir
[] The soldiers' memorial and gloria in D. Double chorus, mixed voices with acc. for piano and organ
copyright Eben A. Andrews, Independence Missouri 1892
pub Bollman Bros., St. Louis Missouri 1892
[] 1 - Prelude
[] 2 - Soldiers' choral
[] 3 - Unveil thy bosom
[] 4 - There the wicked cease from trembling
[] 5 - With him is wisdom
[] 6 - So man dies
[] 7 - Man of woman born
[] 8 - Praise ye the Lord
[] A Valentine
copyright Ebon A. Andrews, St. Louis Missouri 1896

[] Job. Sacred musical drama
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