Andrews, Ferdinand Henry sr. 1800-14.dec.1874 Wales, ? - Canada Quebec, Montreal
accountant, organist, he emigrated with his parents to Canada, 1825 the family had settled in William Henry (now Sorel) Quebec where he worked as teacher and married a music teacher, 1833 librarian of the Quebec Library in Quebec City, 1834-1848 organist of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity on St Stanislas Street (Rue Saint Stanislas) in Quebec City, a 'chapel of ease' to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on Garden Street (Rue des Jardins), 1851 as accountant residing with his family, father-in-law William Marsden (England 1782-), accountant Thomas Coombe (England 1821-) and his wife music teacher Elizabeth L Coombe (Canada 1827-), a 20 year old nurse from Ireland and a 40 year old servant from Ireland in Quebec City, after 1850 he moved to Montreal, 1860 as accountant residing with his family and a 19 year old servant from Ireland in Montreal, 1870 as accountant residing with his wife, spinster daughter Maria and without servant in Montreal, he died aged 74 and was buried 17.dec.1874 in the parish of Anglican Trinity Memorial Chapel in Montreal ; son of Alfred Augustus and Emma Rebecca Andrews ; 1825 in Sorel Quebec he married music teacher Elizabeth Marsden (England 1804-a1881 Montreal) ; son accountant Ferdinand Henry jr. (Sorel 8.sep.1825-12.sep.1898 Quebec City), dau Maria (Quebec City 18.mar.1834-), dau Emily Rebecca (Quebec City 5.apr.1842-18.nov.1886 Montreal)

[the National Library of Canada Ottawa gives erroneously Frederick H Andrews (1804-1885) unjustly assuming he was the father of Frederick H Andrews jr., 1875 broker and lumber dealer in Quebec City with office at 14 St Peter and home at 145 St John who published 'Shipping Culler's Lumberman's and Shipmaster's pocket ready reckoner for square timber' Quebec 1853 ; and erroneously attributing the life dates of Frederick Americus Andrews (England apr.1804-7.jul.1885 Quebec, Little River) ; 1825-1885 advocate in Quebec City rue Saint-Pierre, lived in Petite-Riviere with parish church St Peter's in Quebec City, buried at St Peter's Anglican church in Quebec City ; sister Emma Andrews (England 1792-) ; wife Julia Whale (USA 1810-) ; son judge Frederick William (Quebec City 1835-1906), son Charles Frederick (1839-), dau Julia (1843-), dau Louisa (1847-)]

Title Parts

[] Andante. Organ. after 1828
by F. H. Andrews
published in Canada 1836

[] A collection of original sacred music, arranged in full score, with organ or piano-forte accompaniment. F. H. Andrews
"Includes two chants for the Gloria Patri, by John Bentley, published for the first time"
the Montreal Gazette: "This work is highly creditable, both to the Province and the author"
pub Quebec 1848 (Henry James Morgan, Bibliotheca Canadensis 1867)
pub Lovell and Gibson, Montreal Quebec 1848
original autograph ms in Scott Library, Toronto

[] (details unknown). 2 compositions initialed F. A. National Library of Canada, Music Archives, Frederick H. Andrews fonds 1828-1850
The fonds consists of three notebooks of manuscript copies of sacred music (Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Rossini) and secular music (Corelli, Handel, H. Herz, Haydn, Rossini, Weber, etc.), one of them contains two compositions initialed "F. A."
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