Andrews, George D 16.jan.1835-8.feb.1902 USA Pennsylvania, Darlington - Ohio, Dayton
not identified as composer but almost certainly a musician, Civil War veteran, 1850 residing with his parents on a farm in Darlington, 19.may.1861 enlisted as corporal with Company K. 10th Pennsylvania Reserves, 39th Pennsylvania Infantry, 15.may.1864 wounded by a gunshot in his knee in the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse Virginia, 30.may.1864 because of this injury he was discharged from military service and hospitalized at Washington DC, from there he may have been admitted to the Soldier's Home in Washington DC, 1882 he was admitted as waiter to the Soldier's Home for disabled volunteer soldiers Veteran Post No.5 G.A.R. at Veterans Hall on 35 Maine Avenue in Dayton, 1897-1899 he was officer of the day of the Soldier's Home, 1899-1900 he was quartermaster of the Soldier's Home, the Soldier's Home had a band and orchestra made up of inmates with an average age of 60 years which gave regular public concerts in Dayton, he was almost certainly a member in these band and orchestra, he died at the Soldier's Home and was buried the same day at Dayton National Cemetery ; son of farmer David Andrews (?Darlington 1798-20.nov.1856 Darlington) and Margaret 'Peggy' Dilworth (Pennsylvania, Mt Pleasant 5.dec.1801-28.jan.1853 Darlington) who married 10.may.1830 in Darlington or Beaver

Title Parts

the following two compositions are by an unidentified composer George D. Andrews
on very thin grounds, for instance that his "Nigger alley" was performed by a Soldier's Home Band in Washington DC and that George D. Andrews (1835-1902) was almost certainly member of the Dayton Soldier's Home band and orchestra, he was the best match I could find :

[] Nigger alley. Cake walk. Piano
pub M. Witmark & Sons, New York 4feb1901

[rem : unknown if the subject is Nigger Alley, in 1901 the worst hole in Los Angeles, frequented by a class which would stop at no kind of crime]

[] Nigger alley (promenade de negro). Cake walk. Piano
arr. John H. Hughes
pub M. Witmark & Sons, New York 1901

[] Nigger alley. Cake-walk. Orchestra
arr. for orchestra W. H. Mackie
pub Marcus Witmark & Sons, New York 18oct1901

performed by the Hungarian Orchestra under Julius Schiwak in the Lenox Hotel roof garden concert, Buffalo New York 28aug1902 and 6sep1902
performed by J. J. Sullivan's full orchestra at a Masquerade Ball at the opera house, Pittsfield Massachusetts 30jan1903

[] Nigger alley. Cake walk. Band
arr. for band J. C. Heed
pub Marcus Witmark & Sons, New York 20feb1902

performed by the Catalina Island Band in Eastlake Park, Los Angeles 6dec1903
performed by the United States Soldiers Home Band Orchestra under John S. M. Zimmermann at Stanley Hall, Washington DC 22mar1916

[] Nigger alley. Cake walk. Mandolin orchestra
arr. for mandolin orchestra T. P. Trinkaus and George J. Trinkaus
pub Marcus Witmark & Sons, New York 7jul1902

[] Nigger alley. Cake walk. Banjo
arr. for banjo F. E. Dunn
pub Marcus Witmark & Sons, New York 31jan1903

[] Uncle Andy's cake walk. Piano
pub Automusic Perforating Co., New York 20apr1904

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