Andrews, Henry 'Henri' Herz 15.jun.1847-17.apr.1905 USA NY, Troy - Alabama, Camden
pianist, before 1857 his family moved to Camden, 1870-1905 music teacher in Camden, 1900 as music teacher residing with a black servant (cook) and her 2 adult children (farm laborers) in Camden Alabama, at time of death he was married, he achieved his greatest fame with the composition Ripples of the Alabama which remained popular in Alabama until long after his death ; he was the 14th child of composer John C Andrews (England Yorkshire, Hull 11.feb.1802-16.aug.1858 Alabama, Camden) and Jane Ann Lamb (Hull 1804-13.mar.1882 Camden)

Title Parts

[] Carlowville polka. Piano. op1
[] Le retour des oiseaux (Return of the birds). Valse de concert. Piano. op2
pub Thomas J. Hall, New York 1876

[] Souvenir of Philadelphia. Grand caprice centennial. Piano. op3
dedication : To the ladies of Philadelphia
pub Thomas J. Hall, New York 1976
pub H. H. Andrews, Camden Alabama 1976
pub J. H. Snow, Movile Alabama 1976

[] Danse de fantomes (Dance of the spirits). Morceau de concert. Piano. op4
dedicated to Miss Bettie B. West, Camden, Alabama
pub Spear & Dehnhoff, New York 1878

[] Moonlight on the Mississippi. Piano. 1878. op5
[] Ripples of the Alabama. Polka de concert. Piano. 1878. op6
new revised edition by Joseph Spinelli, revised with additions and fingering by P. F. Campiglio, with additions by Arthur W. French
pub K. Dehnhoff, New York 1915 & 1924

[] Dream of an artist. Valse de salon. Piano. op7
dedicated to Mrs. Fanny M. King, Marion, Alabama
pub Spear & Dehnhoff, New York 1878

[] Ritchie waltz. piano. op8
[] Charge of the Rough Riders. Galop de concert. Piano. op9
pub K. Dehnhof, New York 1900

[] The bee in the corn tassel. Piano. op10
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