Andrews, James Warren 6.apr.1860-18.jan.1932 USA Massachusetts, Lynn - New Jersey, Cliffside Park
concert organist, studied piano with Charles H Wood, organ with Eugene Thayer and voice with Mary Brown privately in Boston, 1871-1876 organist of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Swampscott Massachusetts, 1876 of the First Baptist Church in Lynn, 1879-1888 organist of Old Trinity church in Newport Rhode Island, 1889-1892 of the Pilgrim Church in Cambridge Massachusetts, 1892-1898 of the Plymouth Church in Minneapolis, 1898-1916 organist/choirmaster of the Church of the Divine Paternity in New York City, 1930 of Grantwood Congregational Church in Cliffside Park New Jersey, 1908 president of the New York State Music Teachers Association, founder and 1913-1916 warden of the American Guild of Organists, he played at many expositions including St Louis, Jamestown, Charleston and San Fransisco ; son of Samuel Herrick Andrews (Massachusetts, Gloucester 1.jul.1833-20.aug.1917 Lynn) and Hannah Gould Kelley (Danvers 27.oct.1840-) ; 22.may.1880 in Lynn he married Addie Maria Breed (Lynn 12.may.1859-24.feb.1933 Cliffside Park)

Title Parts

[] Te Deum laudamus. p1884
composed with T. R. Matthews

[] Jubilate Deo. p1884
composed with T. R. Matthews

[] Silent night, transciption for organ
J. Warren Andrews, Church of the Divine Paternity, New York 21dec1919

[] (details unknown). compositions for organ, mostly in ms
[] (details unknown). works for piano, organ, anthems, songs, mostly in ms
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