Andrews, Joel Loring 25.may.1928-20.mar.2019 USA California, Santa Barbara - Fort Bragg
harpist, 1946-1949 BA in music theory and composition from the University of California in Santa Barbara, 1956 BM and 1958 MM from the Cleveland Institute of Music, 1956-1960 teacher harp at the University of Texas, 1960-1969 co-founder of the Universal Sound Ensemble, 1972-1973 member of the Paul Winter Consort jazz group, 1972 metaphysical healer in Santa Barbara ; son of fiction writer Loring N Andrews (New York City 14.oct.1890-) and Florence T Luckerman (Washington DC 20.dec.1904-), divorced 1934 ; 21.may.1954 in Marin Co. California he married Edith H Dickinson (1933-) ; 13.aug.1962 in Lake Co. California he married Ann Watts (1942-) ; c1970 he married Huldah Tenney ; 10.jan.1975 in Atlanta he married, 28.dec.1975 separated and 27.jan.1977 divorced (plaintiff:wife, ground:cruelty) Ellen Jean Spies (Binghamton NY 25.jun.1945-) ; 21.oct.1983 in Santa Barbara he divorced Melissa ; 24.mar.1984 in Santa Barbara he married Holly Lynn McEachran Tiemens (Los Angeles 10.dec.1945-) and remained with her until his death

Title Parts

[] Inamorata. 1957
[] Sea suite. 1965
[] Variations on Come, ye sons of art (Henry Purcell), for the harp
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1966

[] Space suite. 1968
[] Epithalamium. 1970
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