Andrino Vargas, Pantaleon f1840-f1848 Guatemala, ? - ?, ?
violinist, singer, 1877 violinist of the old school in the orchestra acting during the opera seasons, on the initiative of his brother Jose Escolastico his compositions were performed in San Salvador El Salvador ; grandson of Jose ; son of violinist Valentin Andrino and Ana Maria Vargas ; brother of Maximo, Jose Escolastico and Leandro

Title Parts

[] Ave Maria. 2 Voices. 1848
[] 3 Salve regina
[] 4 Minuetos de Pasion
[] 4 Motetes de Pasion
[] Invitatorio y Parce mihi. 3 Voices, horns and strings
[] Oh Jesus sacramentado. 2 Voices
[] Via crucis. 1 Voice
[] (titles unknown, possibly some of the aforementioned)
compositions listed in an inventory of sheet music at Tonacatepeque, after the earthquake that struck San Salvador on 16apr1854

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