Andrus, May (fem) 5.oct.1887-29.mar.1978 USA Connecticut, Waterbury - California, Los Angeles
pianist, soprano, 1907 graduated in music theory from Yale University in New Haven, studied privately with several teachers in America and Europe, 1900-1910 residing with her mother and stepfather at 18 Rockland Street in Boston Massachusetts, 1910-1921 teacher piano in New Haven, 1915-1978 residing in New Haven Hamden, 1915-1922 and 1927-1950 supervisor of music in the public schools of Hamden, 1923-1926 professor of music at Alabama College in Montevallo, 1923-1924 music chairman of the Alabama Teachers Association, 1924 Alabama state chairman of the Music Educators National Conference (MENC), 1926-1933 chairman of the Hamden Music Week Committee, 1937 secretary and 1940 president of the Connecticut Music Educators Association, 1948 editor of Keyboard Jr. Music Magazine, 1950 residing at 39 Moulton Street in New Haven Hamden, 1953 moved to Arizona, she died in Los Angeles while residing in New Haven Hamden ; daughter of Charles Henry Andrus (Connecticut may.1865-) and Henrietta 'Nettie' Hart Hadsell (Connecticut, Avon 19.dec.1869-4.sep.1941 New Haven Hamden), c1899 divorced ; 19.jul.1900 stepdaughter of genealogist John R Owen (NY, Marcellus 1.jul.1870-c1926 New Haven) ; she was never married

Title Parts

[] (titles unknown). Songs for children
? words only

[] (titles unknown). Plays for children
? words only

[] Music of the frontier. LP sound recording for Juvenile audience
by May Andrus, produced and narrated by Floyd Mack
publisher Keyboard Jr. Recordings, New Haven Connecticut 1956
Side A
[] 1 - D. D. 1620 (MacDowell)
[] 2 - Drum calls and Yankee Doodle
[] 3 - Punch and the Judy, Pony Express (McBride)
[] 4 - American salute (Gould)
Side B
[] 5 - Billy the Kid, Billy's capture and celebration dance (Copland)
[] 6 - Steam train and Pacific 231 (Honegger)
[] 7 - Farm journal, up early (Moore)
[] This is my day
words Frances May Andrus, music Johnny Mack
copyright Mrs. Charles Lamb Andrus 3jun1953
? by May Andrus (1887-1978)

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