Anduaga, Maria de la Conception Frederika Eduvigen Manuala Juana Agneta Thomasa 'Manolita' de 4.aug.1875-23.mar.1968 Sweden, Stockholm - Italy, Rome
pianist, studied piano with Richard Andersson, she appeared as concert pianist as Anduaga-Forssling, Anduaga-Rosetti and Anduaga-Andolfi, with her first husband she resided in Berlin, c1909 while residing with her second husband in Rome she gave a series of concerts at the Music Academies in Stockholm, 1911 she gave a grand Liszt centennial concert in Rome, during the war until 1921 she lived with her third husband in Falun and Dalarne Sweden, 20.jul.1923 she gave a recital at the Lyceum in Rome, 9.jan.1925 she had a concert hour on Rome Radio ; daughter of the spanish diplomat Frederico Jose Raymundo de Anduaga y Luna (1841-1877) and Hedvig Kristina Thyselius (Stockholm Klara 6.aug.1849-7.nov.1927 Stockholm Hovforsamlingen), daughter of prime minister Carl Johan Thyselius ; 14.jun.1898 in Stockholm she married lieutenant and gymnastics director Ivar Enoch Forssling (Stockholm 3.jan.1867-1.dec.1942 Stockholm), divorced 1906 ; shortly after she married watercolorist Luigi Rosetti (Milan 1881-13.jun.1912 Rome, committing a dramatic suicide before the court during divorce proceedings, passionately embracing his wife and shot himself), the reason for the divorce was her extramarital relationship with the 12 years younger cellist/composer Otello Andolfi who she married the next year

Title Parts
[] Berceuse. Piano. 1892. op3
[] Det er sommerkveld som da (Wieder sommerabend lacht). Voice and piano
words Nils Collett Vogt
pub Abraham Lundquist, Stockholm
performed by Svante Sjoberg, Anna Hjort Levertin and Manolita de Anduaga-Forssling in a concert at Goodtemplarsalen in Kalmar 22mar1904

[] Og der gik dage (Es gingen tage). Voice and piano. b1905
words Nils Collett Vogt
dedication: Nils Collett Vogt
pub Abraham Lundquist, Stockholm

[] The days go slowly (Es gingen tage)
words from the danish by F. Perugini-Campbell
music Manolita de Anduaga-Forssling
pub Lublin & Co., London 1905

[] Canzonetta Frascatana. Voice and piano. 1911
words M. S.

[] Im park (I parken). Voice and piano
words Carl Busse
dedication: Christine Nilsson comtesse de Casa Miranda
pub Abraham Lundquist, Stockholm

[] Traurig sind meine lieder (Sorgligt min sang nu klingar). Voice and piano
dedication: Teresa Carreno
pub Abraham Lundquist, Stockholm

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