Anel, Francisco 18??-1892 Spain, ? - Zaragoza
organist, studied music with Pedro Leon Gil at colegio de infantes of Zaragoza Cathedral, 1833 the second organist of Zaragoza Cathedral Jose Enguera resigned his position and proposed as successors previous members of the cathedral chapels (teachers, organists and infants) Mariano Nogueras (who took the place), Blas Gavara, Casimiro Pellicer and Francisco Anel, after 1833 for 40 years organist of Zaragoza Cathedral, 1848-1858 he and Domingo Olleta (1819-1895) had to take charge of the composition lessons when needed by any of the children, from it's foundation he was teacher at Escuela de Musica de Zaragoza (the later Conservatorio)

Title Parts

[] Oratorio en Mi bemol mayor. 1835
[] Lauda Jerusalem. La menor. 1852
[] Magnificat. 1855
[] Misa en Sol mayor. 1872
[] Beatus vir. Mi bemol mayor
[] Dixit Dominus. Sol mayor
[] Salve regina. Re menor. Choir and orchestra
ms Zaragoza Cathedral

[] Salve regina. 2vv
ms Basilica Arciprestal de Morella

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