Anez, Silverio 17??-18?? Venezuela Zulia, San Rafael de El Mojan near Maracaibo - ?, ?
clarinetist, physician by profession, 1820-1830 he organized and led an orquesta criolla in Maracaibo, 1826 he conducted the orchestra on the occasion of the second visit of Simon Bolivar to Maracaibo ; related to Evencio Anez

Title Parts

[] La libertadora. Contradanza. Orchestra. 1819

dedication: Simon Bolivar (Venezuela, Caracas 24jul1783-17dec1830 Colombia, Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino), 1819-1830 president of Gran-Colombia

[composed to pay tribute to Simon Bolivar and to make the reception of the popular liberating army triumphant in Boyaca Colombia. La libertadora was first heard in this patriotic celebrations on 10 Aug 1819]

[rem: it became the unofficial national hymn of Gran-Colombia during it's existence from 1819-1830]

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