Angel, Raymund George 21.apr.1901-4.apr.1975 England, London Lambeth - Kent, Sidcup
pianist, 1911 residing with his parents and 5 siblings at 90 Somerleyton Road in Brixton Lambeth, 1923 teacher piano, rudiments and advanced music theory, 1933-1936 residing at 51 Dulwich Road in Norwood, 1939 he worked for B.B.C. Gramophone, 1938-1975 residing at 28 Rowley Avenue in Sidcup ; son of newspaper printer, compositor Alfred Angel (Lambeth 28.mar.1866-8.apr.1944 Surrey, Camberwell) and Annie Aylmer (London Minster 21.dec.1862-25.feb.1939 Camberwell) ; 1928 in Uckfield Sussex he married Grace Constance Webb (London Wood Green 1905-11.jan.1957 Kent, Dartford)

Title Parts

[] Waiting for thee
words Bernard Francis Angel (brother)
copyright Raymund G. Angel, London England 7jul1921

[] Ashdown Forest. Suite. Military band
performance broadcasted in the USA 20jul1939

[] Cortege. Military band
[] A solemn prelude. Military band
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