Angelelli, Carlo 5.sep.1872-1.jan.1936 Italy, Florence - Rome
pianist, 1892 graduated with Giovanni Sgambati from Real Liceo di Santa Cecilia in Rome, as concert pianist he played in Florence, Trieste, Alessandria and Cairo in Egypt and London England, later lived for a short time in Trieste, then moved to Rome where he was active as concert pianist, he collaborated with violinist Emilio Pente who composed the violin part for his arrangements, he used the pseudonym Diego Mirasol

Title Parts

[] Romanza " Ella tremando venne". Voice and piano
words Gabriele d'Annunzio
rewarded a prize of 1000 lire at the Concorso of the journal "Tirso" in Rome 1904

[] Picciola fonte. Melodia. Voice and piano
words Arturo Graf
pub G. Ricordi e C., Milan 1911

[] Quiete meridiana nell'Alpe. Melodia. Voice and piano
words Antonio Fogazzaro
pub G. Ricordi e C., Milan 1911

[] Tema e variazioni in g. Organ
pub J. Fischer & Bro., New York 1919

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