Angelini, Paolo 18??-?? Italy, ? - ?, ?
no published compositions in Italy found, 1891-1896 active in London, his few publications in London received quite positive reviews : 'very effective', 'bright little piece', 'pretty polka which is moreover simple but effective', 'really pretty polka', 'suitable for the ball-room', 'we must recommend La Petite Grisette, this is full of go', 'attractive pianoforte piece', 'has a few twittering passages in the upper treble by a way of realism but beyond that does not present anything', 'a delightful polka', 'we cannot profess to find this a particularly engaging score, is sprightly and animated in at no ordinary degree', 31.oct.1896 an excellent musical programme was performed. Notable feature were Miss Majorie Hayward's interpretation of one of Paolo Angelini's violin solos, distinguished by that delirate power which marks the better kind of string music

Title Parts

[] Elegie pour violon et piano
pub R. Cocks & Co., London 1891

[] La petite grisette. Polka. Piano
pub R. Cocks & Co., London 1894

[] La recreation des oiseaux. Polka caracteristique avec accompagnement de piccolo ad lib.
pub R. Cocks & Co., London 1894

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