Angell, William Edward 1.jan.1869-19.jun.1945 England Somerset, Bath - Gloucestershire, Wick
pianist, organist, 1891 as piano tuner residing with his parents at 5 Nelson Place, 12.aug.1903 he initiated at the freemason Royal Albert Edward Lodge Bath, 1897-1911 as organist and piano tuner residing at 7 Seymour Street in Bath, 1919-1939 as teacher of music residing at 19 Charlotte Street in Bath, 1939 organist and teacher of music in Bath, at time of death residing at The Close in Wick and Abson near Bath, he had a close relationship with the organ builder Frank Ernest James Angell (mother's maiden name Scott) (Bath 1893-9.feb.1967) ; son of tailor James Walter Angell (Bath 1836-1.nov.1893 Bath) and Eliza Witcomb (Rode Somerset 1828-1914 Bath) ; 27.mar.1892 in the Parish of Holy Trinity in Walcot St Swithin Somerset he married Georgina Hippisley Scott (Bath 9.oct.1867-1941 Bath)

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[] Sons of the British Empire. Patriotic song
words F. Reynolds
pub Weekes & Co., London 1900

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