Angeloty, Carl E 17.jun.1859-29.dec.1941 Hungary, Budapest - USA California, Los Angeles
violinist, 10.jun.1887 moved to the USA, his family followed 1890, 1900-1904 as teacher violin residing with wife and 6 children at 744 17th Street in Los Angeles, 3.mar.1902 he became naturalized american, 1910 as orchestral musician residing with wife and 4 children at 744 17th Street, 1920 as musician and music teacher residing with wife and 4 children at 744 17th Street, 1930 as widowed musician in an orchestra residing with 1 son at 744 17th Street, 1940 retired residing alone at 744 17th Street ; 1880 in Budapest he married Gizella Kuvry Capabary (Hungary 1863-1924 Los Angeles) ; daughter musician Matilda G (Budapest 27.aug.1881-), son the world famous violinist Louis (Budapest 28.sep.1882-1.jun.1958 Philadelphia), son jazz musician Carl E jr. (Budapest 20.jan.1884-25.nov.1961 Los Angeles), son musician Achilles (Los Angeles 23.mar.1893-)

Title Parts

[] Among the poppies. Mazurka. Piano
copyright (publisher) R. L. Durant 23sep1897

[] Quartett G maj., for 2 violins, viola and violoncello
pub Heffelfinger, Los Angeles 1911

[] Gizella. Overture. Piano
copyright Carl E. Angeloty, Los Angeles 17sep1924

[] Among the poppies. Mazurka de salon. Piano
edited and fingered by Edmond Roth
pub Forster Music Publisher Inc., Chicago 17aug1925

[] Moment musical
pub National Music Co., Chicago

arrangement by Carl E. Angeloty :
[] Moonlight in my automobile
words and music C. C. Gingery, arr. by Carl E. Angeloty
pub H. Kirkus Dugdale Co. Inc., Washington
copyricht C. C. Gingery, Alpaugh California 1dec1912

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