Angier, William Rotch Esq. 3.sep.1837-4.sep.1880 USA Massachusetts, Boston Medford - Boston Milton
amateur musician, he owned a Chickering Grand Piano, 1850 residing with his parents, sister and 3 servants in Milton, 1862-1863 malt house owner Angier, Hugel & Co. 425 Chestnut Street while residing at 2031 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, 1868 maltster Angier & Co. at 343 North 3d Street and Thompson Street/Hutchinson Street Philadelphia while residing at 1220 Spruce Street in Philadelphia 1870-1873 maltster at Thompson Street/Hutchinson Street in Philadelphia, 1873 residing in Boston, 22.mar.1880 because of a disease he made a one page will in which he left all his properties to his mother, his sole heir ; son of reverend Joseph Angier (New Hampsire, Durham 24.apr.1808-12.apr.1871 Milton) and Elizabeth Rotch (Philadelphia 13.may.1815-14.jan.1884 Milton) ; his only sibling was sister Josephine (25.mar.1840-9.aug.1914) ; 1.jun.1859 aged 22 he married the 29 year old Mary Jane Smith (1830-1911), 1861/1869 divorced without children

Title Parts

[] Alas! how often things go wrong. Voice and piano
words George F. Swain
pub Lee & Walker, Philadelphia 1868

[] Rosebud of girls. Serenade. Voice and piano
words Harry McCall
pub Lee & Walker, Philadelphia 1868

music dedicated to William Rotch Angier :
[] Oh say thou best and brightest. Song. Voice and piano
dedication : To W. Rotch Angier Esq. of Philadelphia
music W. H. J. Graham
words Thomas Moore (1779-1852)
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York 1866

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