Angiolini, Giovanni Federico (Johann Friedrich) c1760-a1812 Italy, Siena - ?, ?
harpsichordist, 1784 moved to Germany, 1787 as harpsichordist active in Berlin, 1791 active in St Petersburg Russia, 1797 he had returned to Germany, 1812 still living in Braunschweig

Title Parts

[] (titles unknown). Songs
in Rellstab's Melodie und Harmonie 1788

[] Sonata no1. Flute and harpsichord. pub Berlin 1794
also for flute, violin, viola and bc

[] Aria with variations on "Ich sage es doch immer" from Sontagskinde. Harp or piano, flute and bassoon. pub Braunschweig 1797
[] Sonata in G. Flute and harpsichord
[] Variazioni sopra il duetto "Pace caro mio sposo" from Cosa rara. Harpsichord
[] Rondo. Soprano and harpsichord
ms Dresden

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