Anguera, Antonio de 18.aug.1836-13.aug.1892 USA Massachusetts, Boston - Illinois, Chicago
pianist, 1850 residing with his parents in Boston South Reading, 1855 in Boston Charlestown, 1858 married residing in Chicago Illinois, 24.dec.1861-13.jun.1862 he served as lieutenant in the 51st Regiment Illinois Volunteers, 1866-1874 with his wife, child and 2 servants residing at 233 Park Avenue, 1866 piano teacher and tuner at his home, 1867-1870 piano tuner at 89 Washington Street, 1871 piano tuner Frank H Pierce gives him as his first reference, before Root & Cady, W W Kimball and J D Colby, 1874 piano salesman and tuner for W W Kimball Chicago, 1875-1877 residing at 249 Park Avenue, 1875-1888 piano dealer with own shop at 207/215 State Street, 1882 residing at 89 32d Street, 1888 at 2340 Indiana Avenue, 1891 piano dealer with own shop at 243 Wabash Avenue and residing at 4730 Kenwood Avenue ; son of composer Joseph de Anguera and Mary Julia Hooper (RI, Newport 10.jan.1813-16.nov.1891) ; brother of composers Mary and Fernando ; c1858 in Chicago he married piano dealer Mary Ellen A (Vermont 1839- / 1898-1903 piano dealer in New York Manhattan)

Title Parts

[] Twinkling star. Polka. Piano
dedication: To Miss Anna McVicker
pub Nathan Richardson at the Musical Exchange, Boston 1856
pub S. Brainard's Sons, Cleveland 1856

[] Wau-bun gallop. Piano
pub R. G. Greene, Chicago 1856

[] Dream of home. Nocturne
pub Russell & Richardson, Boston 1857

[] Nellie I'll be true to thee. Ballad
pub H. M. Higgins, Chicago, Illinois 1859

[] It was a rustic cottage gate. Voice and piano
words Charles Swain
pub H. M. Higgins, Chicago 1859

[] Castillian waltz. Piano
pub H. M. Higgins, Chicago c1859

[] My angel mothers name
words Miss Linda Hays
pub A. Judson Higgins, Chicago 1860

[] Sturges Rifle quickstep. Piano
pub A. Judson Higgins, Chicago 1861

[] Western pioneer quickstep. Piano
pub H. M. Higgins, Chicago 1863

[] From home and from thee. Ballad
pub Chicago 1863

[] La Gazetier. Polka. Piano
dedication: To James H. Field of the Chicago Evening Journal
pub Root & Cady, Chicago 1865

[] My heart is light
dedication: To Miss Eva M. Cone
words Alfred Lilly
pub Louis Doebele, Toledo Ohio 1865

[] My loved one's grave. Ballad
pub Root & Cady, Chicago 1868

[] Trevyllian waltz. Piano
pub Root & Sons, Chicago 1876

[] Big giant polka. Piano
pub S. Brainard's Sons, Cleveland and Chicago 1880

[] Love's recollection waltz. Piano
pub S. Brainard's Sons, Cleveland and Chicago 1880

[] Old oaken buckel. Transcription for piano
in Pazdirek erroneously under De Auguera
pub Century Music Publishing Co., New York

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