Anguera, Fernando de 16.aug.1853-12.dec.1895 USA Massachusetts, Boston Reading - Boston Salem
1855-1880 residing with his parents at 19 Linden Street and 59 Baldwin Street in Boston Charlestown, 1867 as piano teacher, 1869-1880 as piano teacher and tuner, 1878-1882 as piano teacher, tuner and dealer with own studio and shop at 436 Washington Street, 1882-1883 residing at Winter Hill in Boston, 1883 piano dealer with shop at 159 Tremont Street, 1893 piano dealer with shop at 181 Tremont Street, 1895 piano and organ dealer with shop and home at 44 Forrester Street in Salem ; son of composer Joseph de Anguera and Mary Julia Hooper (RI, Newport 10.jan.1813-16.nov.1891) ; brother of composers Antonio and Mary ; 7.may.1879 in Boston he married Annie W Brown (Salem 1860-)

[Fernando calls his father Juan but he lived with Joseph from birth until at least 1880 : ? was Joseph his foster-father or is Don Juan a joke or nickname]

Title Parts

[] Song of the waves. Piano
dedication: To my father Don Juan de Anguera
pub White, Smith & Perry, Boston 1870

[] Apollo march. Piano
dedicated to William Moore Esq., manager of the Emerson Piano Co.
pub John F. Perry & Co., Boston 1874

[] Mother is failing since father died. 4vv Mixed choir and piano
words Willis Woodward
pub C. M. Cady, New York 1878

[] Only three words, I love thee. Voice and piano
words Willis Woodward
pub C. M. Cady, New York 1878

[] Harvard. Grande valse de salon. Piano
pub Hallet, Davis & Co., Boston 1879

[] I love thee. Wind band
pub C. M. Cady, New York 1879

[] Victorious grand march. Piano
pub F. H. Gilson, Boston 1880

[] Progressive march. Piano
pub Hallett, Davis & Co., 436 Washington Street, Boston. Printed by F. H. Gilson Music Printer, Boston 1880

[] Watchman tell us of the night. Piano transcription
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1881

[] Oceanie. Grand valse de salon. Piano
pub C. Sheard, London 1881

[] Washington Light Infantry waltz. Piano
dedicated to Colonel William G. Moore
pub Emerson Piano Co., Boston 1jan1883

[] Old oaken bucket. Piano transcription
pub Conservatory Publication Society, New York c1885

[] Emerson's victorious grand march. Piano
presented with the compliments of Emerson Piano Co., Boston
pub Emerson Piano Co., Boston c1885

[] The Hallet & Davis grand waltz. Piano
dedicated to Hallet & Davis piano company, for fifty years the leading piano makers of the world
pub C. J. Whitney & Company, Detroit 1891

[] Hotel Brunswick waltz. Piano
(Hotel in Monckton Canada)
dedicated to the manager George D. Fuchs
pub Montreal c1892

[] Segrid. Valse brilliant. Wind band. 1899
pub Pierpont Music Publishing Co.

[] Waltz of love (Bals de amor). Guitar
pub White, Smith & Co., Boston

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