Anguera, Mary (Marie) Julia de 8.jul.1838-4.mar.1922 USA Massachusetts, Boston - Maine, Auburn
1850 residing with her parents in Boston South Reading, 1855 in Boston Charlestown, 1858 studied music and painting and taught piano at Mystic-Hall Seminary for young ladies in Boston Medford, c1859-c1863 married residing in New York and Chicago, 1865-1878 as music teacher, divorced with 2 children, at the home of her parents again at 59 Baldwin Street in Boston Charlestown, 1879 teacher piano at her own home at Medford Street near Washington Street in Boston Somerville, 1879-1884 at her own home 54 Baldwin Street, 1887 music teacher at 342 Main Street in Lewiston Maine, 1891-1893 at 24/57 Goff Street in Auburn, 1896-1920 until the age of 80 music teacher at 86 Winter Street in Auburn ; daughter of composer Joseph de Anguera and Mary Julia Hooper (RI, Newport 10.jan.1813-16.nov.1891) ; sister of composers Antonio and Fernando ; c1859 she married Spain-born Robert Wands Furbeck, c1863 divorced, remaining single until 1892 ; son piano tuner Georg Joseph Raymond (Furbeck) Anguera (New York 1859-), daughter music teacher Linda Mary (Furbeck) Anguera (Chicago 1860-2.mar.1909 Boston) ; 1892 in Auburn Maine she married shoemaker/boxmaker John L Libby (Maine dec.1835-24.dec.1923 Auburn)

Title Parts

[] Linda schottisch. Piano
respectfully dedicated to H. B. Smith Esq. by M. J. Anguera
pub Henry Tolman, 153 Washington Street, Boston 1852

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