Anguita, Nicolas de 17??-f1846 Spain, Cordoba - ?, ?
contralto singer, after 1822 until 1827 and 1833-dec.1842 singer at Cordoba Cathedral (after the death of Jaime Balius y Vila on 3.nov.1822 four singers took his place successively, first was Antonio Gil y Hurtado for being the oldest as dictated by the customs, he was succeeded on the same custom by Nicolas de Anguita until the arrival of Juan Vicente Cuevas Perales (1827-1833), then Anguita took the post again until Dec 1842 when a governmental order decreed the closing of the cathedral chapels, 1851 the chapel at Cordoba Cathedral was re-established but with drastic reductions in its staff)

Title Parts

[] Misa a duo y a cuatro. Choir, violins and bass. 1804
[] Misa a duo y a seis. Violins, viola, oboes and trumpets. 1814
[] Magnificat. Violins, viola and bass. 1820
[] Dixit Dominus. Violins, viola and bass. 1820
[] Beatus vir. Violins, viola and bass. 1820
[] Lamentacion tercera del Jueves Santo. 2vv, violins, oboes, trumpets and bc. 1838
[] Miserere. 4/8vv, flutes, violas, violeta, oboes and trumpets. 1840
[] Miserere. 4/8vv. 1846
[] Miserere. 4/8vv
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