Angus, Roy Alexander 1.jul.1902-30.jan.1971 Canada Ontario, Toronto York - Mississauga Cooksville
pianist, composer of serious music as well as popular songs, at an early age studied piano and music theory with Frank Welsman, studied music theory, harmony and composition with Ernest MacMillan at Toronto University, 1926 BM from Toronto University, 1927 received a Licentiate of Trinity College London England, fellow of the Royal Society of Arts London England, 1926-1940 teacher and examiner at Toronto Conservatory, 1929 he won the Governor-General's Award for songs and a honorable mention in the chamber music category, since 1955 residing in Cooksville Peel County, 1967 in semi-retirement still devoting considerable time to creative musical composition

Title Parts

[] Jazzing away the blues. Medium voice and piano
words Stanley M. Hallam
pub Ideal Music Pub. Co., Toronto 1919

[] Fantasy suite. Orchestra
Toronto String Quartet, TCM Annual Closing Concert, Toronto 18may1927

[] Aria from Cantata Ode to the Brave
won the Governor-General's award in the Willingdon Arts Competition 1929

[] A red, red rose. Song
won the Governor-General's award in the Willingdon Arts Competition 1929

[] Choral ode. Choir and orchestra
[] Sonata for violin and piano
[] Jazz Concerto for piano and orchestra
popular songs with music by Roy Angus :
[] An old old story
copyright words Edna Hymera 21nov1947

[] Boy of my heart
copyright words James Marlow 25dec1947

[] Moon on the wave
copyright words James Marlow 26jan1948

[] The coster's new year
copyright words Frederick Lionel Chitty 24feb1948

[] You are lovelier today
copyright words James Marlow 24feb1948

[] Just because you're honey to your mom and dad
copyright words Dorothy Louise Hillock 27feb1948

[] I picked a rose in september
copyright words John Wesely McCarthy 10mar1948

[] Memory Lane
copyright words John Wesely McCarthy 25mar1948

[] Stay close beside me
copyright words Arthur Leslie Pate 16apr1948

[] You were only playing
copyright words Arthur Leslie Pate 19apr1948

[] If only one of my dreams come true
copyright words James Marlow 23apr1948

[] Let me tell you that I love you
copyright words William Foley Gallagher 29apr1948

[] Just dad, bless 'em all. Voix et instrument a clavier
words Gladys Smith
pub Printed by Musica Enrg., Montreal 1949

[] It is spring
words and copyright Ida Pearl Mordue 12feb1951

[] Along the new Alaskan Highway Trail
words and copyright Cliff Cecil Clark 19jun1952

[] Leave the old key out for me, dear mother
words and copyright Cliff Cecil Clark 19jun1952

[] Come back to me , darling
words Mrs. Mose Hitchcock, music Roy Angus. Hollywood, Nordyke
copyright Mrs. Mose Hitchcock 23aug1965

[] Sing a little love song. Popular song
[] I found you. Popular song
[] Auf wiedersehn, dear heart. Popular song
[] Yours to command. Popular song
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