Anjos, Joao Maria dos 1856-25.jun.1889 Portugal, Lisbon Mouraria - Lisbon
guitarist, studied violin and the rudiments of music at Lisbon Conservatory, he learned to play the guitar with the help of some performers, his qualities as guitarist soon made him famous, 3.may.1873 his Guitar Sextet Joao Maria dos Anjos made their public debut, king D. Carlos, who very much appreciated fado and the sound of the guitar hired him to give him lessons in playing the portuguese guitar, among several distinguished people who appreciated him as an excellent player of the national instrument, the Duke of Palmella who sometimes called him to brighten up his most intimate meetings, 1884 starts getting sickness of the lungs and king D. Carlos payed for the doctor and the treatments as well as the expenses of his funeral, he lived at Rua Direita de Arroios until his death, he died of consumption at the age of 33

Title Parts

[] Novo Methodo de Guitarra ensinando por um modo muito simples e claro a tocar este instrumento por musica ou sem musica
pub Impresa Nacional, Lisbon 1877

[] Colleccao de trez pecas para guitarra portugueza
pub Lence & Viuva Canongia, Lisbon 1880
[] 1 - Branca. Polka "Testamento Azul"
[] 2 - Fado Nacional com variacoes
[] 3 - Girasol. Polka
[] Tudo me deixa. Fado song
words Moita Girao

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