Anley, Charlotte (fem) 17.feb.1796-6.apr.1893 England, London Limehouse - Somerset, Bath Weston
lyricist, novelist, social and religious writer, born at 90 Fore Street in Limehouse where her parents resided 1790-1799 although she also gave her place of birth for an unknown reason as Wanstead a few miles from Limehouse, 23.mar.1796 baptized at St Anne in Limehouse, she made a living as author and as 'gentlewoman' on the legacy of her father, she was a Quaker disciple of Elizabeth Fry, 1836-1838 she lived in Australia researching for a report on women's prisons commissioned by Elizabeth Fry, 1851 she applied for a grant from the Royal Literary Fund ; daughter of Royal Marines ship chandler Ferdinand Anley (9.jan.1763-13.feb.1799 London Limehouse) and Marie Elizabeth Dumaresq (Jersey, Saint Helier 12.may.1761-3.may.1830 Warwickshire, Priors Marston) ; she never married

Title Parts

[] The harp of Bendemeer. Voice and piano
a ballad sung by Mrs. French, written and composed by Miss C. Anley
pub Power, London 1824
pub John Cole, Baltimore Maryland 1824/1825

[] God is light. Hymn
pub Power, London 1824

[] Rest warrior. Song. c1825
[] Oh think not that this heart is gay. Song. c1825
[] Sweet bird repeat that strain. Song. c1874
- Influence, a moral tale for young people. A. J. Valpy, London 1822
- Miriam or The power of truth, a Jewish tale. John Hatchard and Son, London 1826
- The prisoners of Australia, a narrative. John Hatchard and Son, London 1841
- Essay on the distinction between body, soul, and spirit. John Hatchard and Son, London 1841
- Earlswood or Lights and shadows of the Anglican church. A tale for the times and all time. Robert Carter, New York 1853

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