Anna Colbjornsdatter Arneberg 1667-1736 Norway, Sorum - Norderhov
29.mar.1716 she alerted the Norwegian defences of the presence of the troops of king Karl XII of Sweden in and around the church yard of the rectory in Norderhov, thus the Swedish force of 600 could be taken by surprise and 130 of them captured (attacks by Karl XII continued until he was killed in 1718) ; daughter of the priest Colbjorn Torstensen Arneberg ; 1682 she married vicar Jonas Ramus (1649-1718) 1690 vicar of Norderhov

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[] (title unknown)
music Anna Colbjornsdatter, piano excerpt arranged by Paolo Sperati (Italy, Turin 1821-1884 Norway, Oslo)
pub Warmuth's Musikverlag, Kristiania (Oslo) Norway b1884

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