Anna, Giuseppe d' (Danna, Joseph) jun.1842-1918 Italy, Naples - USA NY, Buffalo
bandmaster, professor of music, 1860 served as bandsman in the English Royal Navy on the Hannibal in the Mediterranean, 1869 bandmaster of HMS Endymion (1865-1881) of the English Royal Navy in Portsmouth, 26.nov.1869-7.dec.1869 in Melbourne Australia he was bandmaster on the Endymion (1865-1881) which was one of the Flying Squadron that sailed around the world 21.jun.1869-15.nov.1870, 1871-1878 he served as bandmaster in the English Royal Navy on the Immortalite in the Mediterranean, 1881 as professor of music residing at 3 Allen Terrace in London Bermondsey, 1881 he settled as music teacher in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, one of his pupils was G Herbert Thompson (organist born 1871 Ventnor), 1890 residing with his wife, daughter and seven sons at 8 Trinity Terrace in Ventnor, 26.may.1894 the family emigrated to the USA settling in Buffalo, 1896-1906 as music teacher residing at 46 Cottage Street, 1913-1918 at 370 South Elmwood Avenue ; from an unknown marriage: son professor of music Rodolph Walter Maygrove (Portsmouth 11.aug.1872-), dau Maria Felicia (Portsmouth 1875-1891 Royal National Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, Godshill near Ventnor), son professor of music Edwardo (Malta 24.mar.1878-) ; 1880 at St Olave in London Southwark he married Catherine Emma Bullen (London Bermondsey feb.1856-1931 Buffalo) ; son vocal teacher Vittorio G (Ventnor 6.nov.1881-), son musician Leonardo A (Ventnor 22.feb.1883-), dau Gelsomina Olive (Ventnor 1884-), son Pepino Giuseppe (Ventnor 1886-), son Aroldo (Ventnor 15.sep.1888-), son Geraldo Giovanni (Ventnor 30.aug.1890-), dau theatre musician Pauline (Ventnor 1892-), dau musician Marguerite (Buffalo 1895-), son musician George B (Buffalo 14.sep.1897-)

Title Parts

[] Flying squadron waltz. Piano
pub Charles Troedel (1836-1906), Melbourne Australia 1869
copy National Library of Australia, Canberra

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