Annenkoff, P 18??-?? Russia, ? - ?, ?
a russian composer named P. Annenkov cannot be identified but he may have been an amateur musician who composed only a few pieces

[? Pavel Vasilyevich Annenkov (Moscow 19.jun.1813-8.mar.1887 Dresden) ; literary critic and historian from a noble family]

Title Parts

[] La Languissante. Polka-Mazurka
pub Frackmann, St. Petersburg 1861

[] Ty uymis', zamolchi (You calm down, shut up)
pub N. Kulikow (Kulikoff), Moscow

[] Traurnyy marsh po sluchayu kopchiiy v' Boz' iochtsvshago Imperator Aleksandr III (Funeral march on the occasion of the death of Emperor Alexander III (1845-1894))
pub A. Johansen, St Petersburg

[ rem : the russian text is partly wrong, which makes the english translation unreliable ]

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